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Breezy Brush

The revolutionary vacuuming hair brush- because shed is dead.

Why the Breezy Brush?

Our founders came up with this innovative solution while forced to share close quarters in a college residence hall. It was quickly discovered the cleanliness of the space would last only as long as no one brushed their hair- and we decided that wasn't going to cut it. 

What is the Breezy Brush?

The Breezy Brush is the long awaited solution to prevent loose hairs and breakage from covering every surface in the house. Our patent pending design allows you to brush your hair while the embedded fan creates a vacuum that sucks the shedding hair into the brush.

Who we are

We're a couple of young entrepreneurs who have come up with a solution.  Our purpose is to enhance your grooming routine and to give you the efficiency you deserve- because being fashionably late should be your choice.


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Breezy Brush